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Fed Ex Ground Facility Coming To Lindale Industrial Park

Posted: 03/21/2013
Author: JWC

Rendering of the Fed Ex Distribution Center to be constructed in Lindale Industrial Park

Lindale Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) has sold a 17.706 acre site in Lindale Industrial Park to Tyler FXG, L.L.C., a subsidiary of Jones Development of Kansas City, MO. Jones Development will construct a 163,000 sq ft distribution center on the site for Fed Ex Ground. Jones Development has contracted with General Contractor, MW Builders of Temple, Texas to construct the building. Construction is to begin immediately and will take little over a year to complete.


Realizing that Lindale needed industrial park land, in 2007 the Lindale Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors, led by General Red Brown, struck out to find acreage along I-20 to acquire for development of a future industrial park. Board members purchased 135 acres north of I-20 and 120 acres south of I-20. Subsequently these became known as the Lindale Business Park (north parcel) and Lindale Industrial Park (south parcel).

Board members began planning to develop the two parcels but focused on the south parcel when a company indicated they were interested in developing biomass power plant in Lindale. The plant is no longer coming, but served to help LEDC obtain a matching grant for infrastructure for the Park. Planning, design, engineering and construction of the infrastructure would take four years.

Basic infrastructure in Lindale Industrial Park was completed in March 2012. What the public didn't know at the time was that the LEDC was already six months into negotiations for the Fed Ex distribution center. LEDC had received an inquiry from a real estate professional on August 31, 2011 seeking a site for a projected 100,000 sq ft distribution center on 10 acres. The name of the company was not divulged at the time.

On May 31, 2012, just two months after the ribbon cutting for the new industrial park, LEDC signed a purchase and sale agreement with a developer to construct the distribution center. On March 13, 2013, LEDC closed on the land sale to Tyler FXG, L.L.C., a subsidiary of Jones Development, of Kansas City, MO.

“We are thrilled to have been selected by FedEx Ground as the developer of this Project. We value our relationship with FedEx Ground and look forward to partnering with them on yet another state-of-the-art facility” said Chris Jones, project manager at Jones Development Company, L.L.C.
Jones Development Company, a Kansas City based industrial real estate company will develop and lease the building to FedEx Ground when it’s ready for business in June 2014. The facility in Lindale, Texas marks the eleventh facility that Jones Development Company has developed in the state of Texas and the fifty-seventh facility developed for its tenant, FedEx Ground.
According to LEDC President, John Clary, "it is unusual for a new industrial park to land its first tenant this quickly, but the industrial park is in a great location, has excellent I-20 access and shows well. It won't be long before another company comes calling. He also noted how supportive the LEDC Board and Lindale City Council and City Staff has been in working through the many details involved and how good Jones Development is to work with."

LEDC Board Chairman, Barham Fulmer said, "We are particularly pleased with the announcement that our first occupant in our new Lindale Industrial Park is such a nationally recognized company as FedEx. This announcement is reflective of a great deal of cooperation and hard work by John Clary, the LEDC Board, and the City Council and staff. It demonstrates how much we can accomplish as a team. We look forward to many similar announcements in the future fueled by the great cooperative spirit in Lindale."

LEDC Board Secretary, Annie Baldwin said, "I feel this project is due to John Clary's dedication and hard work. I also appreciate the work put in by both current and former board members."

Company Statement From Fed Ex

“FedEx Ground is building a new distribution center on Lindale Industrial Drive in Lindale, Texas, that will be more than 163,000 square feet when it is completed in July 2014. The new facility will replace two existing facilities nearby, allowing us to continue to meet and exceed customer demands in the region. When the new facility opens, positions will transfer from the existing stations, and we will add to the workforce as necessary to support increased demand for service in the area.
The site was chosen because of its ease of access to major highways, its proximity to customers’ distribution centers and a strong local community workforce for recruiting employees. The new facility is part of a nationwide network expansion to boost daily package volume capacity and further enhance the speed and service capabilities of the FedEx Ground network. Since 2005, the company has opened 11 new hubs featuring the most advanced material-handling systems and expanded or relocated more than 500 local facilities.

The network enhancements have resulted in accelerating ground service delivery by one day or more in more than two-thirds of the United States. FedEx Ground delivers more than 61% of packages in two days or less and more than 82% of packages in three days or less. With these changes, FedEx Ground is faster to more overall locations and FedEx Home Delivery is faster to more residential locations than UPS.”





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