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Cost of Living

The Smith County / Tyler MSA cost of living index at the third quarter of 2014 was 94.3 of 100, and has consistently been 90-96% of the national average for the past five years. Cost of living indexes measure the relative price levels for consumer goods and services compared against the national average. The national average is always 100. Indexes below 100 indicate lower prices (less expensive) than the national average.

For example, the grocery index is 89.0. If during the third quarter of 2014 you bought a $100 basket of groceries in a city with a grocery index of 100, you would pay $100, the national average, for those groceries. However, in Smith County, you would only pay $89.00 for that same basket of groceries - a savings of $11.00, or 11%. In other words, your hard-earned dollars can buy more goods here than anywhere in the nation on average.

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