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The City of Lindale supplies and distributes water and sewer services.  Lindale has adequate and reliable utilities to meet the demands of business as well as her citizens and neighbors.

Electric Provider

Oncor Electric Distribution 

Wood County Electric COOP

Water Supply

 City of Lindale - Water Department
     Water Source: Wells
     Water Maximum Capacity - Gallons per Day: 3 million
     Water maximum daily usage to-date (gallons): 1.6 million

Lindale Rural Water



Wastewater Treatment Type: Extended Aeration Activated Sludge Plant    
Wastewater treatment plant capacity (gallons per day): 1.3 million    
Wastewater maximum daily usage to-date (gallons per day): 1/2 million

Solid Waste Disposal

By contract

Natural Gas Providers

CenterPoint Energy